The Rally Pacemaker



Synchronized Digital Clocks

with timing retrievable via USB

Radio to GSM to Satellite

connectivity network

Rally Headquarters connectivity

Intelligent connectivity with home base makes for better overall team communication and strategy analysis.

Latest technology safety functions

Peace of mind and the knowledge that your team will know if you had a collision in a remote location

Detection of deviating off route

Never make a wrong turn again with route deviation. The co-pilot that doesn’t make mistakes.

Live stage times

The more you know the better you perform. Know your time to know your pace. Better decision making in those tricky corners.

About Us

Engia is a technology company focused on embracing the latest trends to improve our daily lives.  Our first product to market is the Rally Pacemaker, a piece of technology that is revolutionizing the much loved sport of Rally Racing.
Engia is the brainchild and passion of two entrepreneurs, Clint Lingeveldt and Ancil Lee, who have put together a team of the brightest minds to solve the need for accurate and timeous results for Rally Racing.

The Team

Clint Lingeveldt


Clint is an avid Rally Racer and Navigator.  His knowledge of the sport has been crucial in developing the specification of the Rally Pacemaker.  He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Cape Pensinsula University of Technology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from University of Liverpool.

“Clint is the heart and soul of Engia and is the “Driving” force behind the Rally Pacemaker”

Ancil Lee


Ancil has extensive experience in multiple industries and has held various leadership positions in existing and start-up environments. His strengths include, developing and implementing strategic plans, human resource management, business model designing, corporate structuring and management, to name a few. Ancil holds a National Diploma in Management and a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours degree in Business Administration.

Wayne Rabe

Technical Designer

Wayne is an Electronic Technologist with a B-tech in Electrical Engineering. His field of interests includes Mixed Signal Electronic Development, Machine Learning, Systems Engineering and Software Development.

Jaco Jordaan

Technical Designer

Jaco is an Associate Professor at Tshwane University of Technology and holds a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the same institution. His research field and other interests include multi-spectral data analysis, signal processing applications, micro-controller and PC programming, as well as machine learning.


Kobus Vorster

Technical Director

Kobus is manager of The Technology Stations in Electronics at Tshwane University. He holds a National Diploma: Engineering Studies (Electrical – Light Current), as well as a BCOM Honours in Business Management.  His area of interests includes medical equipment maintenance and electronic manufacturing, while at the TSE it includes general management and business development activities within the product development, manufacturing and training space.

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